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Bring the renaissance straight to your doorstep with Dunkelwolf’s authentic LARP clothing. Live action role-playing is the latest trend to get rid of all your boredom. This clothing allows you to let your creativity go wild as LARP clothing can be designed for characters from any movie, videogame, or any other media. Dunkelwolf provides authentic fantasy clothing to design the costume of your dreams. You can choose individual pieces of your liking and create a costume that looks like the everyday clothing worn by knights, Vikings, and ordinary men of the renaissance era. 

Medieval fashion and larp leather armor for real warriors

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English medieval clothing played a significant role in describing the socio-economic status of a person living in that period. Like today, clothing in that time was a way to describe the social class from which an individual belonged. Certain materials and even the color of clothing could be used to distinguish between the privileged and peasant class. Men’s clothing styles used to change faster as compared to women’s. Moreover, the cost of clothing was remarkably high during medieval times, so the poor used to wear their clothes till they needed a complete replacement. 

In the early medieval times, clothing was very simple and practical. People at the time valued practicality over design and as a result, clothing was designed such to keep the wearer warm and covered.

Modesty was a key virtue at the time, especially for women. Hence, care was taken not to showcase silhouette.

Medieval fashion for knights & warriors

As time went on, this trend changed due to increased trade and international relations with the rest of the world. There were more designs in clothing, and the materials changed as well. People of all classes were able to afford better-looking clothes that were tightly fitted to show the necklines and curves of the body. Women preferred to wear tight laces around their waists to make them seem narrower and longer. The skirts were wide and long. The richer the woman was, the wider her skirt was. 

For men, at the beginning of the medieval period, the common attire was a cloak, tunic, trousers, and accessories which included a belt. The cloak was lined with animal fur to keep them warm when outside in the cold.

As the men fought on battlefields, their attire differed greatly from women. While fighting, they had to change into their armor which consisted of heavy metal helmets, belts, breastplates, and boots that protected their feet from getting damaged.

When they were not on the battlefield, rich men wore flamboyant outfits made from silks and velvets. All these materials showed off their wealth. 

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Many people now choose to LARP as their favorite characters from the medieval era such as knights and try to imitate their clothing styles. LARPing is a fun activity that allows people to explore their creativity.

This past year has been stressful enough, but it does not have to get worse. Slip into the fantasy world by donning your best fantasy costume. Whether you wear knight armor or medieval clothing, Dunkelwolf is the answer to all your wishes.

We deal with top-of-the-line medieval clothing and utilize high-quality leather to create our armor. You don’t have to waste time searching for the best online LARP costume store. We specialize in quality fantasy clothing to supply you with the best leather armor on the market.

Dunkelwolf: Medieval costumes & Steampunk cosplays

Accessories such as hats, helmets, bonnets, vests, and swords can be combined to form a customized outfit that will look more realistic than ever. The LARP garments provided will be well-designed. Your outfit will not seem like an amateur recreation of a fantasy outfit but bear a convincing resemblance to the clothing worn in the period. Our website showcases some very realistic clothing options to choose from that will make you feel like a part of the fantasy world. 

Our products such as combat boots will be your go-to on the battlefield. Put this on with your Spartacus costume and feel just like a warrior. Curated from the greatest shoemakers in the field, the boots are more than a cosplay accessory but a piece of art. They can be worn by both gladiators and medieval knights. With our state-of-the-art leather protection, you can be the best gladiator on the battlefield. This LARP armor is said to be worn by the best gladiators and when you wear the boots, you will become the best. According to mythical legends, Spartacus is said to have worn his boots before he fought any battles. Wear the boots and prove to be as great as Spartacus himself.

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Our boots are made from sturdy steel buckles and equipped with adjustable leather straps. All of our boot buckles are coated with rust-free paint for increased durability and long-lasting fun. We will make sure your boots are made to fit you completely by taking your precise measurements. Become the gladiator of your dreams by choosing our 100% hand-crafted boots to complete your look. 

Complete your LARP armor by adding our arm guards to your look. Our faux leather arm armor is the best option for you. Our arm guards are made from black faux leather that feels real to the touch. All our leather armor is made from the finest material and extra attention is given to the intricate details in each piece of our fantasy costume. The arm guards provide exactly what you want for a good LARP costume to complete your medieval look. We ensure a highly comfortable experience with drawstrings attached to the sides of the arm armor to provide the best fitting and protection. 

You can reenact your favorite knight movie by wearing our steel knight armor. Our high-quality knight steel armor will protect you on your battlefield. The breastplate is made from lightweight steel and is designed according to your body.

Get the most out of our LARP clothing store by purchasing leather products and knight armor for kids too.