Get state-of-the-art protection while archery or recreating your favorite fantasy scene that provides both comfort and safety for the wearer.

The versatility of bracers is understated. They can be used for many different situations and purposes, such as protection or as part of a costume. Sturdy bracers are used to protect your arms from injury or scratches, especially in archery. Faux leather bracers come in a variety of colors and styles. You can buy them with an adjustable bracer strap or with metal buckles and rivets. This will complete your look and protect you while you play your sport.

Archery bracers

Bracers are used by archers because they protect the insides of the arms from injuries caused by fired arrows. Another name for bracers is arm guards. Today, they are usually made of a cover made of leather. In the past, as in the Middle Ages, they could be made of stone or plastic and protected the arm of the archer holding the bow.

The archer’s forearm is always protected with an arm guard when he goes to fetch arrows or when he shoots. They also prevent sleeves from getting between the bowstring and the arrow, as the sleeves can be large and loose.

Bracers protect mainly the forearms of archers, so they are usually adjusted to this length. Nevertheless, there can be different variations in the length of the bracers depending on the situation and circumstances. Some archers prefer their entire arm to be protected from any risk of injury or scratches, so they wear full length bracers. These are made to protect both the archer’s forearms and upper arms.

Development of the bracers

Bracers were used in the European Bronze Age. Examples of such bracers have been recovered from the tombs of the Beaker Culture. They were not worn on the insides of the arms, but on the outsides of the wrists to show them to others. They were not practical, having only two holes with which to attach the bracer to the arm itself. Some even had rivets sticking out the sides so that the bowstring could easily get caught in them. Therefore, they were not suitable for archery.

These bracers came with beautiful stone work. The craftsmanship was evident in the designs on the bracers. Since they were not for archery or any type of protection, many archaeologists believe that these bracers were a status symbol and may have been lent for hunting. There were also bracers made of pure gold, which may have had an ornamental function. Bracers made of precious metals represented high status in society, and people who wore them were considered very connected in society.

There are other uses for bracers besides archery. The Southwest Indian Navajo tribe also wears bracers. This is part of their cultural dress and the bracer they developed is called a Ketoh. These bracers are known as works of art because they are intricately designed and decorated. The Ketoh bracelets are made of leather and can be decorated with silver, turquoise and gold. These bracelets have a main circular motif in the center made of stones, and four identical motifs surrounding the circle.

Apart from archery, bracers are also used in various sports. In ancient Rome, the ball game Follis was regularly played (similar to today’s volleyball), where bracers were used to protect the forearms against the leather ball.


Bracers in fantasy games

Bracers are also a great part of the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. This role-playing game consists of various fantasy characters that you can play as. Archery bracers are given when the player reaches a certain level in the game. They give the player more precision and clarity. They give you the ability to attack another player who is using a similar weapon. You get additional rolls of long and short bows to make your attack more precise.

There are also bracers of defense that are beautifully designed with a gold pattern and are typically hollow. They can be easily spotted on the player due to the intricate gold pattern. The power of these bracers can only be accessed when the wearer is not protected by any other armor or shield. If the wearer is attacked while unprotected, these bracers will protect him and increase the chances that the enemy will miss his shot.

Armored bracers are another type of bracers that can be found in the fantasy universe of Dungeons and Dragons. These bracers look like any normal bracers, but they also protect the wearer. They are magical pieces of armor that protect the wearer in the form of an invisible force field that protects the wearer’s entire body from any attacks.

Bracers in live action role playing games

You can also buy real bracers for recreating your favorite fantasy moment, whether it is from one of your most watched movies or if it is a fun LARP game. The leather bracers make a great gift for your friends or family members who are a fan of the fantasy world. They are made of high quality leather, so you can be sure that your family members will love this product. The bracers are also a great gift for younger kids playing around in their costumes.