Vintage knight breastplates for cosplay and costumes. They provide full protection to the upper and lower torso, along with shoulder and upper arm covering. Read on to find out more!

The use of breastplates goes as back as the 1200s as armor protecting the knights. Two metal plates were attached to the knight’s torso to protect them against any unseen attacks. True breastplates appeared In the 1300s in Europe which were made from wrought iron and steel but these protected the upper torso only. With later developments, the steel breastplates were put together to form a 2.5mm thick breastplate which protected the upper and lower torso. These were extremely heavy and were worn throughout the fight. Later on in the 1500s, a lightweight and safe breastplate was developed to bring comfort and protection to the user.

Breastplates In Asia

The ancient people of the Majapahit Empire made use of breastplates. In the 14th century, they made the breastplate called karambalangan. The most prominent members of that tribe wore this type of breastplate during that time. It is said that the breast piece was gold plated and attached with it was a golden spear. The entire chest area of the plate was decorated with precious diamonds. These people were called Gajah Mada and they were highly decorated military leaders. Thus, only the influential people in the tribe had the opportunity to wear such armor.

In ancient Asian religious books, it is quoted that ministers and officers wore armor adorned with gold. This armor was either chain mail or a breastplate. The ministers also dressed in golden robes, giving them an ethereal look.


Breastplates in America

The breastplates made by the native American people did not serve the purpose of protection. Instead, this was part of the culture and traditional dressing. The people of the 19th century made breastplates out of seashells. These were hair-pipe breastplates made from conch found in West India. They were brought to New York docks and then traded for money to the native American people settled near the Missouri River. The popularity of these breastplates continued throughout 1854. As mentioned before, they were not used as armor because of their fragile material. They were mostly used to represent wealth and nobility amongst the tribe members. They were popular during the great economic depression to distinguish those who still had wealth.

Breastplates in Judaism

The breastplates hold a significant value in Judaism. It is mentioned in the Book of Exodus that the high priest wore a breastplate. This was a square breastplate and had 12 different gemstones, each having the name of the tribes in Israel inscribed on them. It is further stated that the gemstones were used to perceive God’s will by how they glinted.

Breastplates Today

The modern-day bulletproof vests are a version of the steel breast armor wore by knights on the battlefield. They serve the same purpose of protecting the wearer’s chest from getting injured. Even though times have changed, the purpose remains the same.

Today, the breastplate forms a vital part of the knight costume. No knight costume is complete without an authentic steel breastplate which was a telling sign of a decorated fighter in medieval times. The plate armor protects the wearer against any spike or spear thrust and is sword-proof. It will provide effective protection against any blunt trauma.

While this armor protects the wearer against cuts and blows, it has certain weak points. These points can be exploited by using long and tapered swords which can infiltrate the gaps in the breastplate. To protect the wearer from being exploited, this hand-crafted plate has a built-in cuirass and pauldrons. A cuirass is described as a separate piece of armor made from metal or any other hard material which covers the front of the wearer’s torso. A pauldron is a dome-shaped piece of metal that covers the armpit, shoulder, upper arm, or back. This breast armor comes polished with complete shoulder attachments to protect the upper body against harm.

This lightweight breastplate weighs just 10 pounds which makes it perfect for costumes and reenactments. Just as a knight cannot fight without his armor, you cannot act out your favorite scene without the perfect breastplate to complete the look. It is excellent for live-action, role-playing activities that make you feel right in the medieval period. This breastplate provides comfort and protection. With easy-to-follow directions, you can be on your way to becoming the knight of your dreams. The product is well oiled to prevent rust and sticking.

The breastplate will not leave you abandoned on the battlefield and the top-quality steel will maintain the integrity and honor of a knight. This knight armor proves to be a great gift for anyone interested in cosplay and costume designing. Start your journey to knighthood today!