The Art of Cosplay

Are you looking for the next great outfit? Then you’ve come to the right place! Dunkelwolf specializes in unique costumes, perfect for your next big cosplay event.

If you’re looking for the next great outfit, Dunkelwolf specializes in unique costumes, perfect for your next big cosplay event.


If you’re looking for costumes, chances are you’ve heard of world-renowned cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. They could be next for world fame!

Whether you’re a cosplay enthusiast or just looking for a bit of adventure in your life, Dunkelwolf is the choice of many. Our wide selection of outfits offers endless possibilities: a notorious pirate, a fierce dragon, or perhaps one of your favorite heroes?

Dunkelwolf is a store for enthusiasts all over the world. Our wide range of products makes it easy for customers to choose both outfits and individual items. The selection is wide, from colorful wigs and shiny metal armor to Victorian dresses and top hats.

What is Cosplay?

You may have encountered the word at least once in your life. Simply put, cosplay refers to the act of dressing up and adopting the persona of a fictional or non-fictional character. Characters chosen for cosplaying can come from any movie, television series, book, comic book, video game, music band, anime or manga. Whether it’s Iron Man from the MCU, Harley Quinn from the DC Comics, Altair from Assassin’s Creed, or Mikasa from the immensely popular Attack on Titan, you can be anyone you want to be! The only limit with cosplay is your imagination.

Presentation - it's not just about the clothes!

A good cosplayer can replicate the character as closely as possible – the more intricate and complex the costume, the better. Fans go to great lengths to match costume colors, accessories, and even skin/eye color to their favorites. Some even undergo crazy body modifications to push the physical limits of their body. Many buy wigs to match their characters’ hair, or even dye their hair and style it similarly. They invest in crazy outfits and combine them with elaborate makeup. Dunkelwolf covers all your cosplay needs.


What do we offer?

At Dunkelwolf, we pride ourselves on our superior quality and selection of materials. We offer everything your mortal mind can imagine: Wigs, robes, swords, daggers, tunics, corsets, gauntlets, hair accessories, top hats, royal armor, wands, and much more!

Dunkelwolf products are known for their excellent quality and first-class service. We also offer custom-fit and color-matched designs for some of our outfits.

There are many pre-made, assembled outfits that you can purchase as a complete set. We offer complete outfits for your chosen character on our website. The categories are listed below. We also offer individual items if you would like to create your own character.

Anime costumes

Anime costumes are the most popular when it comes to cosplay – especially today when cosplay has taken the world by storm. You can choose to be any of your favorite characters, whether from an anime movie or an anime series. Be the powerful and brilliant wizard Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle” or the brave Mikasa Ackerman from the highly acclaimed series “Attack on Titan” or Shoto Todoroki from “MHA”, the possibilities are endless.

Anime costumes are often synonymous with colorful, vibrant and fun outfits. Fans also embrace their character’s personality. Remember, it’s not just about the costumes!

Light, camera, action!

Oh, to be the amazing Iron Man for a day, who wouldn’t want that? Or pick up the wand like Harry Potter to take on dark wizards and save the world from evil. Travel around the world on a flying carpet with Prince Charming as Princess Jasmine. Whether you are a child, a teenager or even an adult, we all have a secret fantasy world in our heads. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that world for a day? Immerse yourself in the world of fantasy. But of course, first you need the perfect outfit!

We have the most diverse category here at Dunkelwolf. With the never-ending list of blockbusters and mega hits, there are plenty of outfits you can try for your special occasion. Here you will find a wide selection of costumes for knights, aliens, superheroes, villains, wizards and witches, princes and princesses, kings and queens, adventurers, time travelers, vampires, werewolves. You have endless possibilities from which you can create the perfect costume.

We also supply background props to match your character’s theme. The complete set-up is sure to make anyone envious. Secure your order today!

The junior squad

Dunkelwolf cares about everyone! We must never forget the special place children have. Children are deeply fascinated by the magic that cosplay brings. Of course, as we all know, children are the most creative and imaginative of us all.

We have wigs in every color of the rainbow dresses, and tops in every style and color imaginable. We have special accessories for children, made with care – fun shoes and handbags that match the clothes. Antique swords and pocket watches that match the suits!

Dunkelwolf cares about the safety of your child. There are no sharp or pointed objects in this area. Safety first!

A treat for video gamers

Video games transport us to a world where anything is possible. You can go on a dangerous adventure as a prince, be part of the FIFA World Cup, or sail the seven seas in search of a forbidden treasure. Sounds fantastic!

Here at Dunkelwolf you will find your choice of guns, lasers, tasers, maces, broadswords, magic staffs, eye patches, fake blood, crystal balls, tarot cards and much more. As you can see, we have a wide selection of items. Stand out from the other players and combine your outfit with a special background set designed especially for this area.

Each outfit comes with a surprising signature item that will take your outfit to the next level. We won’t tell you what it is, though. It’s a surprise!

Trick or treat?

It’s that time of the year! With spooky decorations everywhere and the joy of candy in the air! Stand out from the rest and have the best costume this year, only from Dunkelwolf.

We have giant spiders, cobwebs, ghosts made out of sheets, pumpkins, glow in the dark green glue, creepy characters, scarecrows, monsters and any other outfit you would want for Halloween! Be sure to pair these with the perfect creepy prop, also available at Dunkelwolf. Pitchforks, fake blood, creepy looking dolls, a stack of hay, you name it!

Your outfit is sure to steal the show on Halloween. It will make the other kids green with envy!

Welcome bookworms!

What really sets Dunkelwolf apart from any other store is this new category! It’s not often that people choose fictional characters from books. And not many stores offer these outfits. But hey, what about the book lovers? We’ve got you covered!

With this brand new exclusive category, you can be any of your favorite characters. With a unique character outfit, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Do you embrace the legendary Sherlock Holmes? Do you rebel against the Capitol as Katniss Everdeen? Or be the all-knowing Gandalf? You can be anything you want to be!

The most popular costumes in this category are for the books that have been adapted as movies and series. Of course, if you want a custom outfit, we’re just a phone call away!