Gothic clothing

Choose the perfect gothic outfit to take your everyday looks from boring to interesting. Choose from the variety of gothic clothes available.

Gothic fashion is one of the most eccentric clothing styles in the fashion world. It has distinct features and is easily recognizable to bystanders. Gothic fashion is enjoyed by members of the gothic subculture. It emerged in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and was followed by fans of hardcore rock music, especially gothic rock music and punk rock. The word Goth is derived from this genre of music. The rock artists of the 80s contribute to spread this culture to the public, and until today it has survived.

The gothic subculture still exists today and has evolved worldwide with different gothic clothing styles and images. It draws inspiration from 19th century horror films and literature and is highlighted in music and underground nightclubs. Gothic fashion and culture have gained a large following over time.

Gothic clothing features

Gothic clothing has very distinctive features that set it apart from other clothing styles. Contemporary gothic clothing is derived from Victorian and Elizabethan mourning clothes. Dark black clothing characterizes this fashion style. It consists of a mixture of dark colored velvets, lace, fishnet tights, leather, corsets, gloves, high heels and silver jewelry representing certain religious cults and groups. Symbols of the devil and images representing evil are often seen in gothic clothing.

gothic clothing

Gothic fashion variations

Deathrock Gothic Fashion

Deathrock gothic clothing is derived from the music genre deathrock. Glam rock, punk rock, horror movies and other dead characters from movies influence the style. This style of clothing originated in the punk rock scene of Los Angeles and the nightclub called Batcave in England. Followers of death rock fashion prefer to make their own clothes. The dominant feature here is the color black. They wear shirts with rock bands or horror movies, torn fishnet tights, combat boots, etc. Goths usually wear very dark eye makeup and make their faces very pale by applying lighter foundations. Their hairstyles are usually tousled or dyed in different colors.

Haute Gothic Fashion

Haute goth clothing is runway haute couture inspired by the Victorian era. This gothic clothing was seen on the runways of several designers such as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Sui, etc.. The main theme in this fashion style was tragedy. The dresses were mostly black cocktail dresses. Dark colored pantsuits were also seen. This era brought gothic clothing to the catwalks.

Gothic Lolita Fashion

Gothic Lolita clothing emerged in the late 1990s in Harajuku, Japan. Harajuku district is known for eccentric fashion styles and popular for costume clothing. This gothic clothing style combines gothic elements and the Lolita clothing style. Dark makeup and dresses characterize this clothing. Women are seen to wear small black skirts and peplum frocks with heavy eye makeup and red lipstick. Gothic Lolita clothing is quite popular in the Japanese district.

Aristocratic gothic fashion

Aristocratic gothic clothing is another type of Japanese street style and is inspired by the Goth and Victorian era. Therefore, the clothes are very Victorian, such as corsets, tight leather pants, tailcoats, top hats, etc. Lace is an important element in this gothic clothing style. All are dark black colored or other shades of dark purple, red and dark plum.

Cybergoth Fashion

Cybergoth clothing combines the traditional gothic clothing fashion with a futuristic gothic style. This style became popular in America in the late 1990s and its followers wore long leather coats, bondage pants, platform boots, along with neon colored rave clothing. This helped create the futuristic and dystopian look they were going for. PVC and black trench coats were very popular clothing items – fans were inspired by the movie series “The Matrix”.

Traditional goth fashion

This gothic clothing is inspired by the traditional era of the 1980s. The clothes are dominated by the color black, platform boots and sneakers, pointed leather shoes, unkempt hair, etc. This is similar to the deathrock gothic clothing style, as it comes from the traditional gothic fashion.

Modern gothic fashion

Contemporary gothic clothing combines elements from all fashion styles. The 2010s were famous for the gothic movement, and many young adults enjoyed a gothic phase in their lives. Today, modern clothes are combined with dominant gothic elements such as dark colors and silver jewelry – t-shirts with cult symbols and leather skirts.

Lolita-inspired gothic clothing is also a common element to add a feminine touch to the fashion style. Plaid dresses and skirts with long laced leather boots can be the perfect outfit for the modern gothic woman. Or you can wear a traditional long sheer dress and add platform boots. Complete the look by wearing a dark red or plum lip along with a smokey eye to bring out your inner goth.

Gothic clothing doesn’t have to look terrible. Choose pieces that match your look and pair them with modern fashion to enhance any of your outfits.