Our store strives to bring you the most authentic jewelry of all time, as we work hard to combine the theme of the Middle Ages with our modern consumer market. The medieval jewelry pieces depended greatly on the place and time of creation. The common themes found among the jewelry allow us to make the pieces we do. During this period, the use of gold and silver was very popular. The wealthy could use it to show off their wealth, as even young children were adorned with silver holders and the most expensive jewels. This is what our jewelry strives for; meaning.

Production process

During the medieval times, the possibilities of manufacturing were not what it is now. The lineage of jewelry design has come a long way since then. In those times, techniques such as soldering to add decorative pieces to the base, plating to give a shiny finish, and repousse to create an embossed feel were used. Although these are not the only manufacturing processes, most of the techniques used to create our jewelry tend to remain the same. The only difference is the use and development of automation, which allows the pieces to be made faster and more efficiently. However, some of our pieces have remained true to the old days and are still made by hand.

Jewelry design

Medieval era pieces were not heavily ornamented or lavish. They leaned on minimal aesthetics, making them the perfect piece for someone who doesn’t wear heavy jewelry. Our design team works day and night to create pieces that capture the essence of the Middle Ages, but adapt them to modern times. At Dunkelwolf, you will find everything you need as we offer a variety of different options to choose from.

The handcrafted quality of the sterling silver bracelet or hairpin is sure to dazzle you, as you’ll be amazed at how much detail is included in the piece. These pieces will go well with a medieval outfit or not. The uniqueness of the piece allows them to appeal to a wide range of people while being completely versatile. The material used to make the items is of the best quality. This is because only the best metal is selected to make our items, and it undergoes several tests to see if it is completely safe to wear. Oh, and the plus point is that it is lead and nickel free, which makes it completely skin friendly.

Diverse offer

The pieces made in the Middle Ages all have a concept behind them. Most of the jewelry included figures such as dragons and swords, as the concept of these mythical creatures was very common at that time. The use of metal allowed them to achieve these different shapes and showed the skill of the craftsman. Allow us at Dunkelwolf to show our talent by offering you dragon and sword necklaces made of the finest material. With the best attention to detail you will ever see.

However, the pieces of this era were also influenced by some religious factors. We also make pieces that integrate Christianity so that our customers don’t feel left out. Therefore, you can pick up the ring or jewelry or whatever you like at Dunkelwolf as we sell everything from the smallest hairpins to the most intricate and delicate necklaces. Since in those days metalworking was common, our pieces also belong to this category.


Other forms of jewelry

When you think of medieval jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even brooches, but have you thought about what other kind of ornament must have existed at that time. Let us enlighten you, buckles and buttons, jewelry for headdresses, bracelets and anklets that are striking from that time. That is why at Dunkelwolf we give you the freedom of choice and offer you a wide selection.

Therefore, we give you the freedom to buy an ankle bracelet or necklace, both of which will be very exquisite. The handmade material will allow our pieces to be a novelty in your vanity. After all, jewelry has always been considered a marker of economic and social status and wealth. We believe that by providing high quality jewelry, we will bring out the best version of you. Our promise to you is that our jewelry looks very aesthetically pleasing and is completely practical to match with any dress or occasion.

Something for everyone!

At Dunkelwolf we make no distinction between the sexes, so now men and women alike can adorn themselves with our unique items. It is estimated that even in the Middle Ages, men wore at least as much jewelry and were highly adorned to show wealth and status. That is why we design our pieces so that they can be worn by all. Our all-inclusive and skin-friendly jewelry will be worth your money, we promise!

Why you should buy from Dunkelwolf

Our goal is to provide you with a diverse selection of jewelry, whether it be in the category of necklaces, bracelets, hairpins or belt buckles. We will always strive to offer a plethora of options so that everyone can find a piece that brings out the medieval side in them. Our ornate pieces come with gemstones that include pearls, amber, jet, and coral. These stones are a testament to the times as they have remained relevant in the fashion world to this day. They allow us to give you a product that will give you the medieval vibe you are looking for without costing a fortune.

Well, that’s all from us, and we hope you find the piece of jewelry that speaks to you. Feel free to browse our entire collection as we have different styles and categories that you can choose from. Happy shopping!