LARP weapons

We are proud to offer our customers a wide collection of live action and role playing products from our LARP clothing store and leather armor store. These products range from LARP costumes, medieval clothing, knight armor, weapons and much more. Our products strictly conform to general standards and are available in a huge selection of medieval and historical varieties ranging from Viking pants to medieval belts, boots, accessories, female fantasy clothing and more.

Live out your true LARP fantasies with our fully featured LARP sets and weapons that allow you to experience the true knightly feelings. The high quality material used is easy to carry and wear for long hours at a time. We also offer custom made items that you can have specialized according to your wishes. As our collection is regularly expanded, we recommend that you check back regularly so that you don’t miss the limited edition items that you may be looking for.

Medieval weapons - The history

Did you know that in the bloody battles of the Middle Ages there was much more than swords and lances? Knights and warriors used various weapons, including:

  • Spears
  • axes
  • daggers
  • Crossbows and longbows
  • Rifles
  • Calktrops

When people talk about medieval European warfare, they immediately paint a picture of knights and warriors ready to ambush, and the glory of warriors using swords and lances to make their way into enemy territory. But while these two weapons were an integral part of their battles, medieval warriors fought their opponents with many other brutal instruments.

The popularity of each weapon depended on various aspects, such as the effectiveness of the weapon, the status of the knight or warrior who used the weapon, and the price of the weapon. That is, the most important aspect that really concluded the importance of the weapon was its striking effect against the enemy.

While swords were very common among the warriors of the Middle Ages, pole weapons or spears prevailed among the infantry after a certain point. Since pole weapons cost less and were easy to manufacture, large armies used pole weapons for defensive blocks.

Aside from spears, there were several types of bows that gained prominence over time due to their increased effectiveness and killing ability. Although arrows could hardly penetrate metal armor, if an opponent came in contact with it, a bow had enough power to incapacitate him and shake his morale.

Each weapon had its own importance, but at the end of the day, what mattered most was how effective and impactful it was.

live action role play weapons

What are LARP weapons?

Some people call them boffer, others refer to them as padding or latex weapons. True LARP enthusiasts know the range of LARP weapons and how they can be used for a simulated melee.

Conflict decisions are made by fighting with medieval weapons in a live role-playing game. The heroes of the game do not use steel weapons as in the Middle Ages, but choose padded foam weapons that are specially made to avoid possible injuries from hits. Nevertheless, the reenactments are successfully carried out with LARP weapons that look as true to the original as possible.

Our LARP weapons

Our epic armory latex coated weapons are equipped with maintenance silicone that makes the weapons 100% pure and acid free. With the help of the silicone, you can keep the coating of the weapon flexible so that it lasts much longer compared to other inferior LARP weapons. In addition, the maintenance silicone protects the weapon from drying out and counteracts wear and tear during roleplaying.

The wide collection of our LARP weapons includes swords in different sizes (small, medium and large), daggers, axes, bows, arrows, quivers, sticks and much more. To learn more about our epic weapon sizes, please check out our size chart to get an accurate idea and contact our customer service if you need further assistance.

One of the greatest parts about our epic armory is that foam weapons aren’t the only thing we have to offer. We also have an exquisite selection of ranged weapons that can be used for both LARP and medieval archery. Experience a whole new world with our decorative yet solid LARP weapons, and find the perfect weapons that fit your character and are sure to whip you into shape.

Why choose our LARP weapons?

In our epic armory you will find a collection of some very impressive arsenals of medieval and end-times weapons that will allow you to live out your LARP fantasy to the fullest. Whether you are a LARP beginner or an advanced player, here you will find the opportunity to quickly and easily obtain a useful and safe-to-use LARP weapon without having to engage in any tinkering. Besides that, you will also find LARP weapons for advanced players, especially for those who want to expand their character.

We also offer items that can help you protect your LARP weapon, such as weapon holders. There’s nothing worse than putting your weapons through your belt, especially if you want to be able to pull them out in seconds in the middle of a fight that can make the difference between life and death for your character. A good weapon holder is the best way to keep your weapon from being destroyed while being able to pull it out instantly. Our LARP weapon holders are handmade from high quality leather and are designed with LARP weapons in mind.

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