LARP Clothing

From medieval LARP and period armor to mythological suits of leather, we offer a huge selection of leather LARP armor specifically designed to withstand the blades of LARP weapons. Whether you are looking for witch elf armor or drow, elf, and wodd elf armor, we have it all for you. We also offer custom pieces that you can have specialized to your liking. Since our collection is regularly expanded, it is recommended that you check back with us regularly so that you don’t miss out on any limited edition items that you may be looking for.

What you should know about LARP

We’ve all heard about Dungeons and Dragons all our lives. While they were a significant part of our childhood, now it’s time to enter the fantastic world that allows you to experience real-time battles. LARP is an activity that involves live role-playing and millions of people around the world engage in it.

Live role-playing games, unlike online computer games, are physically and actively presented and are available in different genres, stories and backgrounds. Each of these games has its own dynamics and rules that must be followed and established before starting. While the game can take different forms, the basic plot of the LARP event is usually kept the same.

This interactive role-playing activity brings back memories of how the knights and warriors always saved the day and became our idols. For those who have always wanted to live out their fantastic stories, LARP is exactly what you need in your life. Costumes, backgrounds, props, fights and MAGIC! Act out your dream stories and create your own LARP character. We can help you get into character with our wide selection of medieval costumes to give you a complete and fulfilling experience.

What is a LARP leather armor?

Expensive armor has always been a sign of social status, be it the Roman armor of a centurion, the ornate Viking armor of a jarl, or a complete suit of knightly armor from the Renaissance. Some of these armors are still on display in castles today, and people feel a certain fascination when they see them.

Leather armor has been worn for thousands of years by a variety of people such as warriors, soldiers and mercenaries around the world. The purpose of this armor was and still is to protect the fighter from the enemy’s weapons and to remain intact during rain or storms.

A variety of factors decided the appearance of the armor, including the available technology, material, fighting style, military tactics and fashion and style trends of the time.

larp leather armor - Leder-Rüstung

Arm yourself for battle

Armor is the perfect costume for people who want to embody the ‘Middle Ages’. Become a true ‘knight in shining armor’ and profess your romance in a medieval way. With us, you can follow the trends with high quality historical knight armor and convincingly portray knights and warriors.

Interestingly, if you decide to use individual pieces of a knight’s armor, it will help you realize different character ideas, but it will add weight to your body. You would be wearing metal from head to toe. With a complete leather armor you’ll get the possibility to easily wear everything you want in one place and stay prepared for all kinds of battles, even if they are fictional.

Our LARP leather armor

Our LARP armor collection has a wide selection for you to choose from depending on your preference. Fantasy armor, women’s armor or pure LARP armor, all are combined with chainmail and historical knight armor so you can experience the true feeling of being a warrior. Not to forget that we also provide padding for your armor. You can contact us if you need help choosing a specific genre.

We take pride in our LARP leather armor business and make our customers feel comfortable and light while wearing our armor. You can wear the armor for long hours at a stretch. Considering the fantasy world and its endless and wide fantasy concepts, the first choice is always leather armor for a LARP outfit. This helps eliminate the interference with the magical happenings and also leather armor makes less noise unlike the heavy steel knight armor.

Why choose our LARP leather armor?

While you will find various sellers and vendors offering LARP costumes and fantasy clothing in their leather armor stores online, it is not easy to determine the quality of the epic armor until you see it. We take extra measures to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the product they order. Our LARP leather armor is available for both men and women and is intricately crafted from high quality thick leather, often combined with a combination of high quality suede. Our team is constantly doing their best to bring new designs to the market and will continue to release them, as well as take into account ideas and feedback from our experienced and satisfied customers.

Shipping, return and exchange

We now offer free shipping nationwide. Place your orders today and have them delivered to your door within 7-14 business days. If you have any questions about exchanges or returns, you can do so within 5 days of receiving your order. You can contact our 24/7 customer service for any further assistance you may need while shopping with us.