Medieval fashion and collectibles

Now enjoy our wide selection of medieval fashion pieces that can work for a play, costume ball, Halloween or any other occasion. Even though these fashion pieces are from the old days, you will still look amazing dressed in our complete medieval outfits, complete with leather armor. Browse through our selection now, as we have a complete selection for both genders. We have medieval vests, Scottish jerseys, doublets, breeches with drawstrings, leather armor and epic armor for the men. At the same time, girls can look fabulous in our medieval dresses, complete with corsets, medieval bodices and waist cinchers.

The outerwear we offer at Dunkelwolf is unique to the era that provides the ensembles, including the individual parts needed for each piece. The most famous is our epic armor, which is sure to catch everyone’s eye with its shiny exterior and exquisite material. Therefore, medieval armor may not have much to do with today’s nuclear warfare, but it shows you where it all began. In addition to armor, we also offer medieval capes, monk’s cowls, and historical jackets. At Dunkelwolf, we are proud to carry such a diverse range of items that you can use to create your very own medieval fashion look.

What are the characteristics of medieval clothing?

We’ve been chatting about medieval clothing for a while. Many key elements distinguish medieval clothing from other timelines, such as the Renaissance or the Industrial Revolution. Clearly, yes! You can easily identify medieval clothing by its flowing structure. Both men and women wore clothing that had a loose fit. This was primarily to increase the comfort of the wearer. In the Renaissance, on the other hand, dresses and other garments had a tighter fit to accentuate the body shape. Prominent figures to think of in medieval fashion would be Maid Marian and Robin Hood.

medieval clothing and collectibles

What clothes were most popular during the Middle Ages?

Upper Class Clothing

The popular clothes for men of high rank in this period were tunics, jackets with tights, leggings and breeches. The nobility also adorned themselves with fur and jewelry. Women wore long robes, usually with sleeveless tunics and headscarves to protect their hair. Sheepskin coats, mittens and woolen caps were knitted and worn to protect and warm from the harsh climate. These were the garments specific to the Middle Ages. At Dunkelwolf we provide you with authentic clothing, accessories and armor so you can live out your medieval dreams.

Lower class clothing

Even if you look at the historically accurate images of the Middle Ages, you can see that the rich would be drowning in jewels and expensive fabrics with intricate details, while the poor would have clothing that served a purpose. That purpose would be to make sure that their clothes would give them durability and functionality. The long dresses may not be your thing if you have to move and walk around for long periods of time. These clothes also came with less layers so that you feel cooler and less stuffed.

The lower dress women would not have dresses, but a full skirt paired with a long sleeved shirt along with a blouse. The colors of the working class would also reflect their standards, as they were mostly shades of brown and white. Men would wear a plain shirt and vest along with rugged boots. Both ideals of medieval fashion are available from us, so feel free to browse around and find something that suits your fancy. From our robes to our blouses and shirts, all of our items are of the highest quality. Dunkelwolf is your one stop store for everything medieval.

Medieval armor

As armor, medieval knights wore metal armor, mostly forged from iron and steel, to protect themselves from an invasion of arrows or the longswords of their attackers. These metal helmets are also available along with chain armor that will definitely take your medieval outfit to a whole new level. These items are a novelty. Therefore, the price may reflect this. However, we can assure you that you will not regret paying the extra dollars for a piece of epic metal armor. These items were designed to assert dominance and protection at the same time.

The effect of the knights in shining armor remains just as captivating. We can’t deny this effect of the armor even after modern warfare such as gunpowder has surfaced. Thus by this power item and feel the armor give you the confidence you need. Just putting the suit of metal will get you ready to face your mortal enemy one on one, or even if it doesn’t, you could get your painting done as this was one practice that lasted well into the modern era.

Leather armor

Now, it cannot be denied that it is the leather armor that always takes the cake when it comes to the supremum most epic piece of armor. It allows the wearer to protect their vital organs while providing fast movement and agility. At Dunkelwolf, we offer genuine steel armor and high quality leather armor. We know that steel armor can sometimes be difficult to wear and affect your agility. If you want to buy the steel armor with headgear and chainmail, go ahead: these pieces are the best of the best. But if you value agility, the leather armor is the best choice.

That’s why we offer a diverse selection of items, so that everyone can find what they feel comfortable with. Each piece of leather armor is made with the highest quality leather, so you know you’re paying for a quality item and not a cheap rip-off. Our motive behind Dunkelwolf is to ensure that we sell the most authentic medieval fashion items, so rest assured that the item you order will be of high quality. Therefore, much of our leather armor is based on real traditional medieval armor. But let’s say you don’t want to go hardcore into the medieval world. In that case, there are also some fantasy pieces to give you a unique and distinctive style to match your medieval theme.

So now you can choose from our high quality leather neck armor and helmets. To protect the essential and most important parts of your body, integrate them with the leather body armor to protect you all around from the blows of your enemies. Leather armor was the favorite of people in the Middle Ages. It has remained a favorite as we at Dunkelwolf strive for perfection and offer you a wide selection of leather armor and medieval pieces to choose from. Now it only remains for us to send you our warmest regards to our shopping site. We hope that through our medieval fashion you can become the bold knight and enchanting princess that you should be.