Shin guards and Calf braces

Shin guards provide the best protection for the player’s ankle and calves. They allow the player to simply focus on the sport without worrying about an injury that can prevent him from playing in the future. Shin guards for kickboxing are especially necessary if you plan to practice the Muay Thai style, which includes heavy and hard kicks to the calf area.

Similarly, shin guards for soccer are mandatory for all soccer players. Because injuries to the lower extremities can occur during play, the World Football Association (FIFA) has made it a rule for all players to wear shin guards.

Shin guard development

Shin guards have a long history behind them. They have been around for centuries now to serve the main purpose of protection. They were formerly known as greaves, which was a type of armor used to protect the shin. Greave is a Middle English word derived from the Old French term “greve”, which means shin or shin armor. The purpose of this piece of armor can be derived directly from the word itself.

In the time of ancient Rome and Greece, shin guards were indispensable for warriors on the battlefield. They were made of extremely robust and hard materials such as bronze. They were first discovered by archaeologist Sir William Temple, who excavated a pair of bronze shin guards. Each of them had the design of a Gorgon head engraved on the top of the area that protected the kneecap. After researching the origin of the greaves, it was determined that they came from an area called Puglia in 500 BC. This was a region in southern Italy.

Shin guards are also mentioned in the Bible. In one of the verses it is mentioned that Goliath, a Philistine champion from the region of Gath, wore bronze leggings. These bronze leggings are interpreted as greaves. Other evidence is also seen in paintings from this period.During the Middle Ages, shin guards reappeared. All the evidence collected shows that shin guards were used to protect the lower leg, front and back. They went up to the knee and started at the foot. The wearer had his entire lower legs fully protected from possible injury.

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Shin guards of the modern era

It was not until the 19th century that the purpose of shin guards changed from protective armor in combat to protective equipment in sports. This purpose has remained to this day as the shin guard is used in a variety of sports. Sports such as hiking, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and soccer all use shin guards.

The first sport to use shin guards was cricket. It served as both a protective measure and a strategic tool for the batsman. The large shin guards prevent the ball from hitting the wicket directly. The ball hits the shin guard rather than the stumps. Also, since the shin guards are very sturdy, the batsman does not feel any pain when the hard ball hits his legs.

Shin guards are made of many different materials today. Material like fiberglass is lightweight but stiff and strong. Sponge rubber is also light, but not as stiff and strong as fiberglass. Polyurethane is the heaviest and sturdiest material and offers complete protection for the shins. Plastic is also lightweight, but offers little protection against impact. Then there is metal, which is sturdy and rigid, but impractical due to its heavy weight.

Polyurethane shin guards offer better protection for the calves. They fit the calves better and are breathable, making them a go-to for most players. Breathable shin guards are made of a three-dimensional weave technology that withstands all levels of pressure on the shin and prevents shin injuries. Flexible shin guards are easy to put on and help reduce muscle tremors, further reducing leg pain. The calf brace can be worn while walking, jogging or running and will not loosen even with frequent wear.

A unisex shin guard protects at all levels of activity. It can be extremely durable and can save you from the hassle of frequent purchases. Calf guards also come with adjustable straps to better fit your legs and prevent them from moving while performing strenuous activities. You can wear your training shin guards to protect yourself from injuries that occur on the field or even in the gym.

Once you wear shin guards, you can be sure that your legs and ankles are fully protected. Injuries can be detrimental to a career in sports. So if you are planning a future career in sports, you need to be equipped with the latest protective gear. These shin guards will provide you with both comfort and protection. You can feel ready to take on the world of sports with ease. Even if you work out at the gym, hardcore exercises can cause leg injuries in no time. Wear the calf pants for ultimate leg protection.